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Investing in Economic Development Fundamentals: Infrastructure…

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Investment in a community’s physical infrastructure is one of the purest forms of economic development.  This is an area that most people agree is a proper role for government, when efficiently planned.  The accompanying report is too broad to offer solutions to our local problems, but is yet another example that the topic needs to be considered.


Infrastructure spending is expensive and needs to be maintained and improved on a steady basis.  A community that gets too far behind will have problems catching up because the public is not often responsive to large tax increases that will eventually be needed.  Exceptions do exist but are dependent on effective marketing and a public that isn’t too disenfranchised.  This is a regional, state, county, and community issue that should be discussed as prominently as the most popular economic development tools.  Efforts by entities such as ADOT, MAG, PAG and others that have been analyzing this important issue need to be supported.


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Info RCGInvesting in Economic Development Fundamentals: Infrastructure…

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