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Rounds Consulting Group advises both public and private sector entities on matters of policy and economics. The firm specializes in economic development; data collection and analysis; fiscal planning including revenue forecasting and budget development; strategic planning and marketing; impact and market studies; litigation support, and keynote speaking, among others.

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President: Jim Rounds
Mr. Rounds regularly provides advice to policymakers at the State Capitol, mayors throughout the state as well as city council members, county board members, and other public and private sector leaders in the community. Jim has delivered hundreds of economic presentations throughout Arizona and is quoted weekly on television, radio, and in printed media.

Mr. Rounds began his career as a Senior Economist and Senior Budget Analyst with the Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee, and has been engaged in policy related economics for more than two decades. Mr. Rounds is a Senior Fellow at the Goldwater Institute; a board member of the Maricopa County IDA; and advisor to Helios Education Foundation, Achieve 60 AZ, the Rodel Foundation, and the Arizona Board of Regents, among others. Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in Economics from Arizona State University.

Senior VP & COO: Luis Cordova
Mr. Cordova oversees the daily operations of the company and is an expert in multiple areas of economic and public policy research. Luis is the company specialist in economic impact modeling and has years of experience conducting market studies, cost-benefit analyses, forecasting studies, and research in multiple aspects of economic development, community planning, education, and tax policy.

Prior to joining Rounds Consulting Group, Mr. Cordova served as an economist at Elliott D. Pollack & Company. Luis is certified by the Arizona Association for Economic Development as an Arizona Economic Development Pro and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Arizona State University.

Senior Economist: Brandtly Thornton
Mr. Thornton has expertise in data analysis and economic modeling; statistical and econometric theory; and behavioral economics. Recent experience includes regression analysis and consumer behavior forecasting in response to changing market incentives.

Prior to joining Rounds Consulting Group, Brandtly worked in the financial services industry as a corporate actions analyst for Northern Trust and as a Sales Manager for Vivint Inc. Brandtly has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Brigham Young University.

Research and Economic Analyst: Ethan Parks
Mr. Parks is responsible for the firm’s database and provides critical research support on a broad range of topics related to real estate economics, market conditions, economic development, and policy formation. Mr. Parks graduated cum laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Economic.

Mr. Parks assists with data collection to help manage and update the firm’s database, as well as providing critical research support on a broad range of topics.

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Jim Rounds
Direct: 602-739-0844
Luis Cordova
Senior VP & COO
Direct: 602-849-0632
Brandtly Thornton
Senior Economist
Direct: 509-724-8118
Ethan Parks
Research and Economic Analyst
Direct: 480-508-4911

4450 S. Rural Road, Suite C-220,
Tempe, AZ 85282

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