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Arizona Adds Jobs. Gains Likely to Continue.

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The Arizona job numbers for April are out and they look good.  And, it looks like the trend will continue in future months.

When looking at job growth statistics, you want to look at “year-over-year.”  This compares the rate of growth during the past month with the same month in 2015.  For April, the state grew its employment base by 3.1% year-over-year.  Comparing April with March in the same year is useful for very select analyses, but doesn’t paint as clear of a picture.   This trend will likely continue into future months and the state should be top five nationally for job growth very soon.  Business cycles will continue to exist and a slowdown in economic growth will eventually occur.  However, this next time will be more manageable for Arizona residents, businesses, and government entities.  Some thoughtful fiscal planning will still be needed though.

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Info RCGArizona Adds Jobs. Gains Likely to Continue.

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  • KG - May 24, 2016 reply

    What is the market in age groups there isn’t much out there for my age group anymore the over 55 or 60. We tend to be looked over even though we have more years of training and knowledge, I bet there are quit a few of us not able to get those good paying jobs like someone between the ages of 20 to 40. How many are unemployed and what fields are hiring what ages? I was working making good money then was phased out now when they see my resume and it shows years I have worked I never hear back from them. It’s sad very sad.

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