Jim Rounds – President of Rounds Consulting Group

Jim Rounds is President of Rounds Consulting Group. The firm specializes in economic development and tax policy research; data collection and analysis; fiscal planning including revenue forecasting and budget development; strategic planning and marketing; impact and market studies; and litigation support.

Mr. Rounds regularly provides advice to policymakers at the State Capitol, mayors throughout the state as well as city council members, county board members, and other public and private sector leaders in the community. He has delivered hundreds of economic presentations and is quoted weekly on television, radio, and in printed media. Jim is also a Senior Fellow at the Goldwater Institute.

Areas of recent study include state tax policy and economic development reform, K12 and higher education funding, health care economics, State Trust Land disposition, pension reform, transportation and utility infrastructure investment, and state and local area tourism planning.

Mr. Rounds volunteers much of his spare time as an advocate for quality public policy development. Recently, Jim has been supporting the concept of “growing from within,” which includes efforts to better understand small business development issues, and strategic investment in education and workforce training.

Jim is on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Association for Economic Development and the Maricopa County Industrial Development Authority, and is a member of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee’s Finance Advisory Committee, the Maricopa Association of Governments’ Economic Development Committee, the Arizona Economic Roundtable, and has served on scores of committees and task force efforts at both the state and local levels.

Previously, Mr. Rounds was a Senior Economist and Senior Budget Analyst with the Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee, and has been engaged in policy related economics for more than two decades. Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in Economics from Arizona State University.

Sample Speaking Engagements

Arizona League of Cities and Towns
Pinal County
Maricopa County
City of Scottsdale
City of Glendale
City of Phoenix
City of Maricopa
Town of Gilbert
Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce
Valley Leadership
Arizona Land Advisors
Arizona Roads & Streets Conference

Joint Legislative Budget Committee
Maricopa County IDA
New Mexico Municipal League
Douglas County, NV
Surety Association of Arizona

Recent Media Interviews

RoundsConsultingJim Rounds – President of Rounds Consulting Group