Ethan Parks – Research and Economic Analyst at Rounds Consulting Group

As an Economic Analyst at Rounds Consulting Group, Mr. Parks is responsible for the firm’s database and provides critical research support on a broad range of topics related to real estate economics, market conditions, economic development, and policy formation.
Mr. Parks has worked alongside senior RCG staff in conducting economic/fiscal impact studies, cost-benefit analyses, statistical analyses, economic forecasting, and public policy evaluations. In managing the firm’s database, Ethan has researched and analyzed a wide range of areas including employment statistics, economic indices, real estate trends, demographic data, educational issues, and governmental tax collections.
Prior to joining Rounds Consulting Group, Ethan attended Arizona State University where he worked under the ASU Undergraduate Student Government helping strategically organize safer campus practices for students. Mr. Parks recently graduated ASU in May of 2020 cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.
Mr. Parks was raised in both Kansas and Wisconsin before settling in Arizona. Outside of work Ethan has an affinity for photography and the outdoors, formerly being a certified real estate photographer along with having climbed some of the highest mountains in the U.S. It is his goal to one day summit Mount Everest.
Range of Experience:

-Provided numerous data analyses of economic indicators in relation to multiple aspects of the state and nation’s housing market. These analyses were developed in order to measure and address growing concern of the housing affordability and housing market supply after generational shifts in Arizona are realized. Results of the analyses were formulated into recommendations for future public policy guidance.

-Conducted data and research in partnership with the Chicanos Por La Causa in preparation for the development of key economic growth catalysts through the use of business incubators, educational opportunities, community service, and a comprehensive growth projection. Research was conducted for underserved communities throughout the Downtown Phoenix area.

-Demonstrated various research methods through the use of survey techniques and qualitative analysis. Surveys that have been developed have covered a vast range of topics from financial, economic, environmental, and community factors to determine the economic footprint and issues concerning select industries/groups.

-Prepared numerous presentation materials for organizations like the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry based upon research analyses regarding the economic impact of COVID-19 on Arizona and the nation as a whole. Rigorous statistical analyses were performed in producing economic projection based upon numerous scenarios regarding the virus.

RoundsConsultingEthan Parks – Research and Economic Analyst at Rounds Consulting Group